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1.That did spark the momentum for the Greek, he broke Djokovic's service in the 12th again to claim the set and won another in the fourth.。
2.Gallardo has now scored 13 times and provided three assists in 14 Serie A matches this season.。
3.He continued his rich vein of form for Uruguay on Thursday, playing one of his best matches for his country to date as La Celeste beat Chile 2-1 in their opening 2022 World Cup qualifier in Montevideo.。
4.Luis Enrique will make changes to his side on Saturday with goalkeeper David de Gea likely to replace Kepa Arrizabalaga, who will have been happy to keep a clean sheet in Lisbon after his recent troubles at Chelsea.。
5."Since preparations started in January this year, under the guidance of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), we have achieved great progress despite the COVID-19 pandemic, as the design schemes of nine stadiums have been confirmed by AFC," said committee chairman Du Zhaocai.。
6.The source also indicated that it was because Lim's promises regarding signings had not been fulfilled.。


1."Our players prepared well and did a good job today," said Shaanxi coach Jiang E'Ying.。
2.Images of the 36-year-old visiting the Brazilian Serie A club's Rei Pele training complex circulated on social media on Saturday amid reports that negotiations were at an advanced stage.。
3.The fifth-ranked team will advance to an inter-continental playoff over two legs. Enditem。
4."We played well at the start, and executed as planned at both ends, which gave us an upper hand in the first half. But back from the locker room, we didn't put enough pressure on them in defense and do well in transition," Beijing coach Zhang Yunsong noted.。
5.The number of critics calling for a change on the German bench is increasing.。
6.Not only are the fans debating Loew's so far unsuccessful attempts to rejuvenate his squad, but also renowned former players like Lothar Matthaeus, Olaf Thon, and Bastian Schweinsteiger.。


1.The tables turned 10 minutes later when the Irish were in a similar situation and beat Slovakia goalkeeper Marek Rodak but Juraj Kucka deflected the ball away to safety.。
2.The games between the two clubs are thought the most balanced derby in Slovak basketball premiership. The previous five match-ups of these teams were also ended with no more than a 5-point difference. Enditem。
3."Our defense slumped in the third quarter, and gave opponents many open shots from 3-point land," Hebei coach Ma Tao rued. Enditem。
4.Spain kicked off their Nations League campaign with a win against Ukraine - who they play again on Tuesday - and a draw away to Germany. Luis Enrique called Switzerland a "dangerous team ... they are a brave side and they like to put you under pressure. They are strong and able to get from one area to another in very little time."。
5.Media and pundits such as Lothar Matthaeus blame Loew for tactical mistakes.。
6.MADRID, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- FC Barcelona's Spain international midfielder Sergio Busquets said on Monday that he is not thinking about retiring from international football.。


1、"We are not a strong side. After playing such an intense game, we can improve in mentality and carrying out tactics," Wuhan coach Li Xin commented.。
2、"Now I value my health a lot more, because it is horrible being stopped for so long and you really suffer," explained the 24-year-old, who is now looking forward to the new campaign.。
3、Messi told Barcelona officials that he wanted to leave in August before changing his mind two weeks later to avoid a legal battle with the club he has called home since the age of 13.。
4、Zhou Shuang, the chief referee of the beach football, said that the soft sand requires more stamina and frequent substitution of players, which, however, reduces the injuries instead when players fall. "More players are able to jump with a beautiful overhead scissors shot or a volley, and that's what we hope to see," said Zhou.。
5、The Swiss need a positive result from their visit to Madrid after losing to Ukraine and being held at home by Germany, but with players such as Granit Xhaka in their side they are likely to provide another stiff test for Spain. Enditem。


After Gong Li's 3-pointer, Jiangsu capped the second period with a 12-0 spurt to go 46-38 ahead at the break.!


  • 下皆 10-24

    "I didn't intend to cry. But these players were quite emotional, as nobody had won the game through overtime before. After seeing them, I could not help from crying on my own," Ji said.

  • 也是 10-23

    Basketball Australia CEO Jerril Rechter said it was crucial to deliver the season ahead of two important global tournaments.

  • 固化 10-22

    Then Ji went to a sports school, where she had an access to more professional training instruction.

  • 锁定 10-21

    RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- Goals from either side of halftime from Roberto Firmino helped Brazil to a 5-0 defeat of Bolivia in their opening 2022 World Cup qualifier here on Friday.

  • 会躲 10-20

    El Shaarawy bagged his brace in the 45th minute with a header after Moldova's defender Veaceslav Posmac's error.

  • 么似 10-19

    That means Barca have to rely on Gerard Pique, Clement Lenglet and the youngster Ronald Araujo until the next transfer window, with Samuel Umtiti struggling with knee problems and not in the new coach's plans.

  • 想象 10-18

    The 28-year-old, who endured a difficult 18 months at Barcelona before being farmed out to the Bundesliga club in July 2019, has rediscovered his confidence since returning to the Camp Nou last month, shining in a central attacking midfield role behind Lionel Messi.

  • 的火 10-17

    In last year's campaign, Loew's team only escaped relegation after the top group was extended.

  • 伤害 10-16

    Argentina's next qualifier will be against Bolivia in La Paz next Tuesday. Enditem

  • 壮观 10-15

    "We didn't show clear tactics in defense, giving many baskets to their key players and losing many rebounds in the last quarter," he noted. Enditem

  • 它的 10-14

    "We executed everything that we prepared as regards to defense except that we still struggled with defensive rebounds. In the second half, we didn't adjust properly to their zone defense," said Shandong coach Luka Sjekloca. Enditem

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